Turkish Control Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish control equipment, Turkey control equipment manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality control equipment from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

AGAZ MUHENDISLIK ENERJI ENDUSTRI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Abdullah Körkü    
s energy, energy materials, industrial materials, gas measurement products, lpg equipment, cng equipment, measurement equipment, control equipment, natural gas, seismic sensors
ECE GALVANIZ METAL PAZARLAMA A.S.        Türkiye         
s cables, circuit breakers, connection terminals, contactors, control equipment, copper rods, distribution boards, electromechanical meters, high voltage fuses, home automation systems, home fuses, household appliances, indoor luminaries, industrial fuses, insulators, lightning protection, mcb’s, mccb’s, measuring equipment, medium voltage fuses, outdoor luminaries, panels, relays, remote control systems, rotary switches, socket outlets, steel poles, substations lines, switches, wires
NENU MAKINE MUHENDISLIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Erdinç KILIÇ    
s assembly line, turnkey plant, semi automatic assembly line, semi automatic assembly lines, full automated assembly line, full automated assembly lines, manual assembly line, manual assembly lines, robotic mounting units, robotic mounting unit, hydraulic system, hydraulic systems, pneumatic system, pneumatic systems, servo system, servo systems, control equipment, control equipments, holding robotic manipulator, holding robotic manipulators, lifting robotic manipulator, lifting robotic manipulators, automatic welding machine, transport robotic manipulator, transport robotic manipulators, combining robotic manipilator, combining robotic manipulators, robotic manipulator, automatic welding machines, manual welding machines, manual welding machine, machine, robotic, custom machine, machineries, custom machinery, custom machine parts, custom machinery parts, custom machine building, custom machining, custom machines, custom machine production
SC ENDUSTRI A.S.        Türkiye     Denis ÇALBIYIK    
s cement, clinker, cement factory, turnkey cement plant, waste heat conversion systems, weighing systems, dosing systems, silo measuring systems, big bag discharge systems, compensation system, clinker cooling, cement bag cleaning system, cement bag weight control system, silo filling systems, cement silo, mill measuring system, calcite milling systems, water injection system, automatic control system, automation solutions, automation services, field measuring equipment, control equipment, conveyors, elevators, cnc, separator, plasma cutting, screw conveyor, pneumatic valve, manhole cover, autoclave, industrial automation, big bag filling, vehicle scales, breakers, factory automation, construction project, conveyor rollers, mixer, indicator, engineering and consulting services, clack, sampler, waste heat conversion systems - whr (waste heat recovery), fly ash separation unit, raw materials of homogenization, raw material silos, mill feed center control system, scada system, mcc panel, mcc software, plc software, operator panel, jet pulse filter shocking panel, medium voltage panels, milling facilities, cement grinding plant, cement packing plant, turnkey grinding plant, turnkey packaging plant, cement plant consulting services, technical consulting services, mechanical projects, technological projects, general residential projects, flow charts, detail engineering, mechanical manufacturing, technological manufacturing, welded manufacturing, structural steel manufacturing, floodgates manufacturing, blasting workmanship, bunker manufacturing assembly, installation of field equipment, cabling works, wagon scale, industrial scales, dosing belt weigher, drum drive, tail drum, belt weigher, load cell (load cell), apron feeder, roll stations, air band, jet pulse filter, electro filter, bag shredding machine, scale briquetting machine, swivel-head packaging, rotary sieve, roller press - roller mills, impact plate weighbridge - flowmeter, pressure equipment, manual valve, rotary, dozier valze
BEST EFOR MAKINA INSAAT LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s pumps, pressure tank pumps, fire pumps, end-suction centrifugal pumps, circulating in-line pumps, centrifugal pumps type tractor, wastewater pit pumps, hot oil pump, double suction pump, self priming pumps, multistage pumps, they compressor, special pumps, expansion tank, water heater, garage equipment, heating tanks, control equipment, valve and fitting, swimming and ponds, water treatment and softening, electric motors, end to end suction pumps, inline pumps, separable axial pumps, boosters, expansion tanks, stage pumps, process pumps, submersible pumps, column pumps, self-priming pumps, gear pumps, equipment
PRIMO TEKNIK A.S.        Türkiye     Göksel PEKEL    
s booster, boosters, connection parts, expansion, expansion tank membranes, expansion tanks, flexible hoses, global valves and check valves, hoses, liquid level floater, pressure switches, submersible pump, submersible pumps, switch, pumps, pump units, booster units, control equipments, connection equipments, fasteners, submersible motors, multistage pumps, centrifugal pumps, drainage type submersible pumps, deep well submersible pumps, clean water submersible pumps, waste water pumps, circulation pumps, solar energy pumps, booster sets, hot water pumps, stainless steel expansion tanks, membranes, check valves, pump, pump unit, booster unit, expans, fastener, check valve, hose, flexible hose, centrifugal pump, expansion tank, waste water pump, membrane, submersible motor, control equipment, circulation pump, connection equipments, boosters, multistage pumps, deep well submersible pump, connection equipment, multistage pump, hot water pump, booster sets, drainage type submersible pump, clean water submersible pump, solar energy pump, booster set, stainless steel expansion tank
STANDART KALIP SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Aykut KÖYMEN    
s moulds, molds, cam units, die mold components, injection mold components, mold components, mould components, die mould components, injection mould components, fixtures, control equipments, mould fixtures, mould control equipments, mold control equipments, horizontal cam units, horizontal with angle cam units, angle cam units, roller cam units, punching cam units, horizontal cams, horizontal with angle cams, roller cams, angle cams, aerial cam units, mould, washers, fixture, stoppers, control equipment, mold, keys, injection mould components, cam unit, guiding elements, mould component, aerial cams, punching cams, cast iron cam units, cast iron cams, toughened cams, toughened cam units, heat treated cams, heat treated cam units, changed friction plate cams, changed friction plate cam units, pin-hole finish cams, pin-hole finish cam units, die mold component, injection mold component, mold component, die mould component, injection mould component, mould fixture, mould control equipment, mold control equipment, horizontal cam unit, horizontal with angle cam unit, angle cam unit, roller cam unit, punching cam unit, horizontal cam, horizontal with angle cam, roller cam, angle cam, aerial cam unit, aerial cam, punching cam, cast iron cam unit, cast iron cam, toughened cam, toughened cam unit, heat treated cam, heat treated cam unit, changed friction plate cam, changed friction plate cam unit, pin-hole finish cam, pin-hole finish cam unit, guide pillars, headed guide bushes, oilless guide bushes, clamp for guide bushes, guide post sets, sliding pads, v guides, l guides, removable die heels, centering units, die lifiting bolts, lifting elements, pad retainer pins, air pins, gages, spring plungers, slide stop blocks, elastomer spring pins, spacer tubes, shoulder screws, ped retainers, bad hole close
AREL GRUP        Türkiye         
s under-counter open box devices, under countertop closed case devices, direct flow devices, industrial products, water treatment equipments, sebil products, sebil inline filters, inline filters with dial, membrane filters, membranes, under countertop empty mineral containers, under counter housing types, pumps, adapters, under counter faucets, control equipment, connection hoses, water analysis instruments, connection equipments, housing switch, housing clamps, under counter optional equipment, lime preventers, metal pressure tanks, housing types, sediment filters, mineral filters, alkali filters, carbon cartridge filters, connection equipments
EKSPERT MUHENDISLIK        Türkiye         
s engineering, trade, trading, explosion-proof products and technical specifications, cable record, gland, reduction, piping supplementary materials, lighting fixtures, exproof board, contact box, cable trays and elbows, emergency emergency systems, plug and socket, keys, box and terminal boxes, control equipment